Words from My Heart & Soul

Victorious Overcomer

A baby’s cry
Oh the wonder begins

The first breath comes in strain
missing that comfortable place
The umbilical cord is cut, but the spiritual cord remains

Everyone is watching
Your expected to make something of all this

Who will this child become
The wounded puzzle pieces start to fall into place
It usually ends where it begins

A life marked in suffering
we do not choose our childhood


Where is Daddy?

Am I valuable?
Am I worthy to be loved?

Dancing around lies
Oh child
your worth is not tied to this place
Earth is not home

You are always connected to His love, the cord was never broken
One day you will return

Everything is recorded

Imparted adoration
Constant attention
He is thrilled with you
He chases you with delight and grace

The battle is raging all around you
The fight for your worship remains

Your life is being woven together in goodwill and harmony
Victorious overcomer will be your name

This title does not come easy
Nothing good ever does

Just remember child
this is not home

When the 2nd cord is broken, face to face you will see
This life you now live was only preparing you for your true identity

Victorious Overcomer

This will be your name.


Walking together in different directions

holdings hands shaking in silence

She pulls left

he pulls right

and they break free

Please lead me..

Please see me..

They bleed for connection

once so strong

their lives exploded in agony

Different directions their hearts lead

Eyes meet

powerful electricity jolts through them

Their bodies remember each other with anxiety

He’s running from his broken heart

She’s running to her broken past

They tightly embrace, they know they don’t have much time

Their pasts will come to lead them away

Once again..

Hold on

oh, so tightly..

before we wake up from this magical dream

Broken pieces delicately attached

Held together by childhood wishes of healing

by a hope

by a love

just out of reach.

Momma's Wish

I see deep into your eye’s child
your soul is connected to mine

I feel your joy in childhood laughter

I delight in your curiosity as you play with the new world

I wince in pain when you fall off your bike
I watch you grow as fast as a weed

My hopes for you are high, I don’t want you to see the pain I have
Harsh reality – I don’t get to choose
I watch in desperation as you grow and make decisions I know will bruise you
I can no longer protect you like when you were young

I hope and pray your sometimes questionable choices will lead to purpose, happiness, to love..

My child, my once prayer, my soul, my hope, my 2nd chance, my grace, my love…

I wish you courage passion and strength

Plentiful smiles in between the unavoidable tears

Momma’s Wish.

Love Is

Love is space
Love is open
Love is accepting
Love is freeing
Love is pure
Love hopes for the best
Love is safe

Love covers over a multitude of sins

When we feel it, we know it
When we don’t, we know it
When we show it, we know it
​When we don’t, we know it

Love is.

The Struggle

She was born into chaos, but love was watching her first cry

She was raised in confusion, but wisdom would eventually become her guiding light

She felt lost and alone, but the comfort of a mighty Savior was near

Her imagination was her rescue
her hope was in her prayers

Just a small child, so helpless and incomplete

She stumbled and fell daily
until the bottom had become too deep

Abandonment became the curse over her life

Will she be broken
and accept this free gift of life?

Or will she choose to live out the curse

…and live in filthy dirty lies?

oh dear
if I could go back and tell you what I know

Would it change your mind?
Would it give you just a glimmer of hope?

Sometimes a glimpse is all you need
to change the hands of time and reverse your born into identity.

Free Will

It’s the opening show

It’s called Free Will

Oh, the anticipation

The curtain slowly opens

Take your seat


You’re also on stage

The light is shining on you!

What is this?

It’s called Free Will

Miracles tears laughter and love

excitement surprises sadness and pain

health and sickness

relationships come and go

The curtain quickly closes

Death takes you home

Suddenly a life review

What was that?

It’s called Free Will.

Love the One in Front of You

Be the change you wish to see
Love the one in front of you

Whats my purpose you ask?
Why am I here?

It’s not so complicated dear

Love the one in front of you
Be the change you wish to see

What should I do with my time?
How do I know if I am doing the right things?

Quiet your fears my dear and listen to your heart
See the one in front of you
Listen to their tears
Move your hand towards theirs
Love them

Love the one in front of you
Be the change you wish to see

What does God want me to do?
What did he create me for?
How do I know if I am on the right path?

Come close to my heart dear
Accept my love and quiet your confusion
There are no hoops to jump through
There is no puzzle to put together

You are perfect
You have value
You have purpose

You are loved

Just the way you are

Love the one in front of you
Be the change you wish to see

You are perfect in your struggles
Accept my love and pass it on.

The Truth

Try and run in front of it
Turn your back to it
Don’t look at it
Try and replace it
Give it a new name
Pretend it’s not there
Fill yourself with other things hoping there will be no room for it
Stuff it down inside and don’t think about it
Make fun of others who embrace it
Hate it
Do what you want, it will never change
The truth.

Connective Redemption

Life is interesting

You have a headache
but the sunrise is still beautiful

Life is interesting

Your job doesn’t appreciate you but the neighbor thanks you for your smile

Life is interesting

You feel like you’re not good enough
but the stranger appreciates your kindness

Life is interesting

Teaching you about you through contrast

The but
Is everything to someone else

Life is interesting

Remember when all seems broken

You might just be putting the pieces together for another

Connective Redemption.